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Killarney Community Centre

Volunteers : Register and officials by September 6

Competitors: Register by September 19

Sponsors and Donations


Seiyu Karate

Shihan Tats Nakamura founded the Vancouver Kyokushin Karate in 1992 after moving to Canada from his native country, Japan. The club has grown from its modest beginnings to become one of the most prominent Karate clubs in Vancouver. In 2017, after having trained in Kyokushin Karate for 34 years, Shihan Tats established his own style named Seiyu Karate. The word represents his own motto: Sei (Faithfulness) and Yu (Courage).


Vancouver Cup Karate Championships


The event began with a modest start in 2000. Each year it has seen great success and growth by pulling together more than 100 competitors from BC and Alberta and giving them the opportunity to gain experience and develop new friendships. We are excited to bring back the tournament this year after three years of waiting due to Covid-19.

Your Sponsorship is Important to Us

This is a great opportunity for Greater Vancouver businesses to sponsor the event, for it is guaranteed to create a positive and lasting impression on the audience. Most importantly, the event will benefit the community by teaching young people about the value of discipline, commitment, respect, and perseverance. Your business will position itself and be recognized by the community as a local company participating in events and activities. 

Main Features

  • Kata (Forms) performed by children, teens, and adults from BC and Alberta

  • Breaking Demonstration performed by our black belts showcasing their skillsets and focus

Promotional Materials

  • 8" x 11" Event Program: Filled with valuable information about the event and our club. The program will be handed to all competitors, officials, volunteers, spectators, and parents.

  • Company Banners: 2' x 4' banners of our main sponsors will be placed ringside.

Sponsor Levels

  • Full Page Color: $1000

  • Half Page Color: $550

  • Full Page Black and White: $350

  • Half Page Black and White: $250

  • Quarter Page Black and White: $180

  • 1/8 Page Black and White: $120

Vancouver Cup 2018 307 Web.jpg


Children's White Division 12 & Under

  • Taikyoku 1- 3


Children's Orange Division12 & Under

  • Taikyoku 3

  • Pinan 1 - 2


Children's Blue Division 12 & Under

  • Pinan 2 - 4

  • Yantsu


Children's Yellow and Green Division 12 & Under

  • Pinan 4 - 5

  • Gekisai Dai

  • Gekisai Sho

  • Yantsu

  • Tsuki no Kata

If you are thinking about participating in a Kata tournament, please refer to this list for which category you would be competing. We run the annual tournament called the "Vancouver Cup" in the fall. Many students join each year and perform to the best of their abilities. The experience will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to raise your skill set and nurture self-confidence. Osu!

Teen's Entry Division 13 - 17 Years Old

  • Taiyoku 1-3

  • Pinan 1 - 3

  • Yantsu

  • Pinan Ura 1


Teens Open Division 13 - 17 Years Old

  • Pinan 4-5

  • Passi Dai

  • Seienchin

  • Tsuki No Kata

Adult's Entry Division 15 Years and Older

  • Taikyoku 1-3

  • Pinan 1 - 3 + Uras

  • Yantsu

  • Tsuki no Kata


Adults Open Division 15 Years and Older

  • Gekisai Dai

  • Gekisai Sho

  • Pinan 2-5 + Uras

  • Saifa

  • Seienchin

  • Passai Dai

  • Yantsu

  • Gekisai Dai

  • Gekisai Sho

  • Pinan 2-5 Ura

  • Garyu

  • Seipai

  • Tekki 1

  • Kanku

  • Sushiho


Thank you for your consideration!

If you are interested in supporting our event as a corporate sponsor, please click the button below and kindly fill out an online form and submit it by September 12. Once we received your registration and payment, we will contact you to discuss the artwork for your ad. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience. we look forward to hearing from you. Osu!


This special annual event, the Vancouver Cup Championships, involves venue rentals, medals, certificates, programs, truck rentals, ring mats and other associated costs. Even with registration fees, we don't expect to break-even with this event. But with our dedication to bring events back to life, we're determined to continue hosting our annual tournament for our students. If you have a moment to open up your heart and contribute a monetary donation, it will mean so much for our club. There is no donation too small, and each donation will help to keep our tournament experience alive!

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