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As of January 2024 we run a total of 22 classes per week at the three different dojos. The majority of the classes are for children or adults. We also offer targeted classes for young adults (Teens Class). We hope you will find one that fits your needs at a location that is accessible to you. To learn more about specific programs, please click on the appropriate link. Karate for :
Children   • Teens    • Adults

Children 6 & Over


Our children's class has run continuously since the dojo opened in 1992. Our aim is to most effectively teach karate, which originated in Japan, to Canadian children.


The class has evolved over the period of twenty years. Fun is incorporated through activities such as races and games, while self-discipline is stressed as the students learn karate techniques. Since the attention span of children is short, this mix of activities keeps them engaged throughout the class.


Karate training provides children with physical, mental and emotional benefits. The etiquette involved in karate training gives children an opportunity to begin developing the attributes they will need to be good citizens in their communities.


Class Description

Stretching. Games. Various Workout. Self-Defense. Self-Esteem. Unity. Discipline. Respect. A size of this class ranges from 10 to 25 students. Instructors who teach the Little Kid's, Children's and Teen's classes are well-trained through our instructor program, and all instructors are required to have criminal record checks.

                My children have enrolled many sport activities at a very young age. Until they were six and seven, I was searching for activities which offered continuation, good personal development, team training, fitness, organizational belonging; while allowing the kids to have fun during training, and be affordable for my family. We found Vancouver Seiyu Karate. Having training continuously for the past six years, this martial art has been one of the best investment to my children.


Never missing a class, karate is the activity they look forward to every week. With the combination of stretching, basic techniques, katas, movements and games, Sensei Tats creates a challenge leaning environment, yet full of laughter and the eager to train from the kids. Not just learning karate, my children also learn to develop their patience, coordination, confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others; these qualities are commented by school teachers and counselors.

-Tuyen Nguyen

 Father of Jesse and Jeremy


Karate for Teens 13 & Over


Students in this age range may have gained some karate skills by attending the children's class, or they may be joining us without any prior karate experience. Whichever the case, it is important that the decision to join or continue training with our club is a personal one, made by the student. By making a personal commitment, students mentally prepare themselves to train and to work on acquiring a profound understanding of the spirit of karate. The teen program shifts away from the fun-based activities provided in the Children’s Class.


The discipline of karate is taught in a more traditional manner to transition the students into practising karate as a lifetime activity. In addition to developing self-discipline, karate provides an opportunity for interested teens to develop leadership skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Class Description

Self-Defense. Concentration. Contact Sparring. Stretching. Self-Esteem. Respect. We focus on contact sparring which require more cardio workouts, realistic defense to an opponent, and technique control. (No Contact Sparring for those who choose to attend children's class.)


Karate for Adults 19 & Over


In this modern world, we do not often have to physically fight. However we face frequent mental and psychological battles. Managing stress and relieving pressure from our daily lives is important, and helps to prevent chronic physical and mental illness.


Karate is one of many activities that can help us achieve this goal. The techniques and exercises used in karate train every single part of our body from the tips of our fingers to the little toes. The breathing techniques involved in karate (including the kiai) enhance our heart and lung capacity, build core strength and stamina, and reduce our stress levels. Working out with bare-feet stimulates our brain by giving us the ability to directly feel the ground and impact from kicks. The self-discipline required for personal growth, as well the spirit of team work involved in supporting fellow students, builds our mental strength and provides the social support necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Class Description

Cardio Workouts. Stretching. Self-Defense. Self-Esteem. Focus. Contact Sparring. People in general have two important elements in life. They are family and work (or education). We are usually busy looking after these two. If you feel something's missing and have a little space left to squish in a third element, taking karate could be the one for you.


Karate for Women

Although martial arts are not a traditional choice of activity for Canadian women, in our dojo, female students are welcome. Karate as a discipline provides the ideal combination of flexibility, strength training, core strength and stamina that is important for women to stay mentally and physically healthy.


In addition, karate provides students with body awareness and self-confidence that assist women to stay physically safe, and support their success in all aspects of their life. Because karate encourages mentorship and peer-to-peer learning, women feel comfortable and supported training at our dojo.

Karate for 40 & Over

Karate is a lifelong discipline. Whether you have participated as a child, teen or younger adult, or have never participated in a martial art previously in your life, there is a place for you in our dojo. Because our adult classes include all ages and all levels of expertise, beginners of all ages are welcome and made to feel comfortable.


As we age, it is important for us to stay involved in activities that stimulate our brain, and maintain or increase our physical strength, balance and stamina. Involvement in activities that promote brain and body health can help to prevent illness, and keep us healthy well into our senior years. Karate does all of this, and in addition, the discipline of karate provides a social network of fellow students and teachers who support and inspire us to continue to strive for personal excellence.

I joined VSK when I was 50, and I have never considered myself athletic. Shihan Tats has high expectations, and he teaches with humour and respect. He can demonstrate what students are doing wrong, then show how to correct it. Being a student of karate has increased my strength, coordination and stamina. More than that, I have greater self-confidence to try new activities.

-Shannon Berg

 Health Care Personnel

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