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Volunteers and Judges: Register by September 6

Competitors: Register by September 19

Scoring and Registration

Progressive Assessment Scoring System for Kata (PASS)

We’re introducing a growth-based scoring system that primarily evaluates the overall kata performance and is focused on rewarding a student’s achievements instead of penalizing mistakes. We created a new framework that emphasizes 5 distinct stages of kata development to serve as judging criteria.

01 The Learning Stage

Scoring Range 6.0 - 6.5

This competitor has found their confidence to perform in front of a large audience.

  • Some incorrect movements or the kata was too fast 

  • Some wrong blocks/strikes

  • Stepping/turning poorly or incorrectly

  • Missing or a low kiai 

  • Mostly poor stances

  • No speed or power in techniques

  • Poor balance and coordination

02 The Understanding Stage

Scoring Range 7.0 - 7.5

This competitor has begun to think less about memorizing the sequence of moves and has started to focus on the effort they place in each movement.

  • Punches in the general body-level, but not accurate to a specific body part

  • Understands which arm or leg leads; turning and stepping is correct

  • Some power, strength or speed has developed in techniques

03 The Developing Stage

Scoring System 8.0 and 8.5

This competitor’s motions are beginning to exert effective traditional fighting techniques. Balance and coordination has improved and has become more fluid as a result. Kiai is loud and clear.

  • Has used speed, power and proper tempo

  • Stances are fairly good/good

  • Very few inaccurate strikes; 

  • Balance and coordination is good

  • Beginning to emphasize gaze and kime

  • Loud and clear  kiai

04 The Refining Stage

Scoring System 9.0 - 9.5

At this level the competitor displays effective karate techniques with an increased amount of power, speed and accuracy.

  • Increased power, focus, speed, accuracy

  • Footwork is fluid, transitions are strong, and gaze is improving

  • Use of back-hand in techniques are correct

  • Some telegraphing motions between movements

05 The Thriving Stage

Scoring Range 10.0 - 10.5

The competitor has developed a profound understanding of the kata’s technical execution. Their performance exceeds the judges expectations.

  • Proper hands and foot positions throughout

  • Angles are optimal with good speed and power

  • Displayed effective traditional karate techniques

  • Competitor displays a profound understanding of the kata

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  • Open to Seiyu Karate members, 6 and older, any belt ranks

  • Register by September 19th, 2022

Never competed before? Don't worry! Our instructors will help you or your child prepare for it.

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Volunteers and Judges

  • Open to Seiyu Karate members, 15 and older, any belt ranks

  • You can volunteer or judge during the children's divisions and compete in the teen's or adult's divisions.

  • Register by September 6th, 2022

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