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About Us


Vancouver Seiyu Karate is a karate organization that provides children, youth, and adults traditional Japanese martial art instruction in a way that is suitable for people living in Canada to learn and practice for their wellbeing.


Vancouver Seiyu Karate aims to give practitioners of all ages the confidence, drive and energy to improve the community we all live in by training them to be physically healthy, mentally peaceful and spiritually strong. This vision serves as a guideline for each and every aspect of our operation, ensuring a successful future for our practitioners.


Modern Living

Modern living can often be hard on a person's physical and mental wellbeing due to factors such as lack of exercise, stress and poor posture.

Children and Youths


Self-discipline and Respect

We help our practitioners counteract these issues by showing them how to maintain and increase their physical, mental and spiritual fitness in an environment of self-discipline and respect.

Children and youth, especially those who are not attracted to team sports, may suffer from a lifestyle that lacks physical activity and mental discipline.


Adults may suffer from physical ailments such as a bad back from incorrect posture while sitting, or mental stress due to a busy lifestyle and multiple deadlines.

Self-Defense and Self-Confidence

Practitioners are taught self defence and fighting techniques, gaining the ability to protect themselves and others. This knowledge, combined with training that challenges their physical limits, improves their self-confidence and instils a non-quitting spirit in them, leading to a dramatic effect on their psyche and approach to life.


Sei•Yu / Faithfulness and Courage

Shihan Tats Nakamura founded the Vancouver Kyokushin Karate in 1992, after moving to Canada from his native country, Japan. The club has grown from its very modest beginnings to become one of the largest karate clubs in Vancouver. 


In 2017 after having trained in Kyokushin Karate for 34 years, Shihan Tats established his own style named Seiyu Karate. The word represents his own motto: Sei (Faithfulness) and Yu (Courage).

Vancouver Seiyu Karate is affiliated with I.K.O. Nakamura. The organization is operated by the two-time world champion, Shihan Makoto Nakamura. Its headquarters is located in Kobe, Japan.

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