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Hey Seiyu Karate folks, we all have skills and talents but often in karate class, we don't have a chance to show it. Have you ever wanted to tell your karate friends or show them your talents? Well, now you have the chance!!!

We had our second SEIYU'S SPOTLIGHT SHOWDOWN last year and will do it again this year along with some exciting TEAM BUILDING GAMES! Remember that the last year, we had so much fun even if the number of participants was limited. This year, the show will be even more exciting as we are going full capacity.


We are now taking sign-ups and registrations for anyone who wants to show us your stuff at this year's karate summer camp. Don't be shy, we are looking for your talent, come 'wow' us with your skills and get the award for the best showcase this year!! We look forward to seeing you on stage

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