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Black Belt


Learn strategies, movements, concepts from different instructors to broaden your perspective!


Shihan Tats began training Kyokushin Karate in 1983 under the instruction provided by his uncle, Shihan Makoto Nakamura. In 1992, he moved to Vancouver from Japan and immediately opened his first dojo in Canada. While he operated the dojo, He extensively fought in international tournaments including two World Tournaments. Shihan Tats currently teaches regular classes locally at Vancouver Seiyu dojos, and frequently makes an international trip to hold a seminar to help expand IKO Nakamura worldwide.


Sempai Jerry has trained in Karate for 14 years and has competed in numerous regional Kumite and Kata tournaments. Currently, he is teaching classes at the Killarney Dojo with Shihan Tats and other instructors. Outside of the Dojo, Sempai Jerry is a certified personal trainer with over 5 years of experience in fitness and nutrition. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and workouts with the camp participants.

The head instructor of the Calgary Dojo is joining the summer camp! When he joined our club in 1999, Sempai Michi Nagase began pursuing two goals. One was to establish himself as a professional airline pilot and the other one being to fight in the world tournament. The 10-year road trip to reach them was rather a rough ride but this uncompromising fighter persevered. The participants will be treated to his excellent instruction and be exposed to his passion and spirit in Seiyu Karate.


During his fighting career Sempai Kris participated in over 25 tournaments culminating in being selected to compete in the 10th World Tournament in 2011. Outside of the dojo, Sempai Kris works as a Paramedic in a clinical leadership role and as an instructor at the Justice Institute of BC in their Advanced Paramedic Program. He enjoys passing on some of the knowledge under Shihan Tats and with many high level competitors that Seiyu Karate has produced over the years. 


Sempai Keegan has been training for 21 years and has competed in kata both regionally and internationally throughout his tournament years – placing top 3 in each event. He currently directs the annual Vancouver Cup Championships tournament and guides the club's Kata Officiating Committee. This kata specialist looks forward to sharing his knowledge and deepening everyone’s understanding of kata this summer.


Sempai Mark has trained in Karate for nearly 23 years. He competed internationally and placed 1st in North American Championships three times. He was selected to represent Canada in 2011 & 2015 World Tournament, 2013 World Weight Category Tournament.  Sempai Mark taught Seiyu fighters in Fight class for 6 years. He currently teaches the adult New Westminster class. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and training with the camp participants.


Sempai Melchor has been an active member of Vancouver Seiyu Karate for 17 years; having trained under Shihan Tats since he was 9 years old. Over his many years of training, Sempai Melchor has competed both locally and internationally in kata tournaments, and in 2019, brought home the silver medal from the IKO Nakamura International Friendship Kata Tournament. Currently, he teaches the children’s classes at Killarney Dojo and is a member of Seiyu’s Kata Officiating Committee. Sempai Melchor is very excited to be teaching for the second time at a karate camp and cannot wait to share his knowledge with this year’s camp participants

Sempai Chi.png

Sempai Chi is a mom to a 4-year-old and has practiced martial arts for over 25 years. She trained in Karate for 21 years with break time in between due to attending university and settling in Langley. She taught children's classes at Killarney dojo for 1 year. She competed in 10 local Kumite and Kata tournaments. She is competing in the 2024 International Friendship Karate Championships in the women's Kata division. She is excited to share her knowledge and train hard with everyone.


Sempai Mike has trained in Karate for a total of 15 years, including competing in kumite and kata tournaments. He has attended the European Summer Camp in Poland and also the Mitsumine Camp in Japan. He currently trains and helps teach at the New West dojo, while supporting Seiyu Karate at all events. Sempai Mike is very excited to train with everyone at Summer Camp and looks forward to sharing and learning with the team.

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