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All three criteria below must meet*

*except for a child accompanied by a black belt parent

  • Active Seiyu Karate members

  • 14 years old and older (Students 14 to18 need approval from Shihan Tats. Email him at before signing up.)

  • All belt ranks


Early Bird Specials ended on June 30.

Age Groups

Youths 14 to 18

Adults 19 and older

Early Bird



After June 30



  1. Friday: Dinner

  2. Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  3. Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch

  4. Accommodations: The resort offers 8 rooms that usually fit 6 to 9 members. Bunk Beds, Full bathroom facilities and showers

  5. Camp T-shirt

  6. Access to the beautiful lake and field

  7. And of course, all training classes!

  1. Dogi (uniform, Two sets would be great!) 

  2. Sparring gear (Gloves, shin pads, etc.)

  3. Pens

  4. Masks

  5. Swimwear/towel/water wings

  6. Water bottle

  7. Indoor/outdoor shoes

  8. Snacks 

  9. Sleeping bag/pillow/earplugs

  10. Casual/sleep wear

  11. Sunwear (hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.)

  12. Insect repellent

  13. Training spirit!


The Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre is located within a 90-min drive from Vancouver. If you own a vehicle, enjoy a smooth drive up there. For those who need a ride, we will coordinate carpools so everyone can get there!



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