2022 Fall Challenge


Thursday, September 22
New Westminster Dojo from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

A Message from the seminar committee

Osu everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well.

As the restrictions around the pandemic have slowly wound down and life has returned to somewhat normal, our karate practice has once again started to incorporate elements of contact and kumite. In light of that, the Seiyu Kumite Committee is planning on holding a welcome back kumite seminar!

The date and venue has been set for Thursday Sept 22, 2022 at Sempai Sasha's dojo (314 6th St, New Westminster)!

The goal of the seminar is to do a little technique work then get some good rounds of sparring in for those who might not have had a chance. For those who are planning on competing in a tournament, this is a good chance to practice with fighters you don't usually encounter. The higher belts who are planning to take the upcoming belt exam should attend as well so that their Kumite skills will improve.

We look forward to training with you on September 22! Osu!

Sempai Mark Berg

Seiyu Kumite Committee
Sempai Kris Erikson
Sempai Mark Berg

Shihan Tats Nakamura


General Information

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Thursday, September 22nd

New Westminster Dojo

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

15 years old and older

All belt ranks (Get your sensei's approval)

$15/person (This is to cover the facility rental to support the NW dojo)

Shin/instep pads, Gloves, Elbow pads, Knee pads, Head gear for under 19, Groin cup for male

Mouth guard

September 19, 2022


Registration Closed!